An OBX Summer

An OBX Summer


In celebration of the American summer and our country’s spirit of adventure, exploration and preservation, we are honoring the great Outer Banks – one of our nation’s most distinct and scenic blends of sea and sand. These custom prints capture the essence of these North Carolina barrier islands: the tallest dunes and some of the best surfing on the East Coast.

Known as OBX, this 200-mile stretch of thin barrier islands jutting out from the mainland is dotted with seventeen small towns and includes the Cape Lookout National Seashore. Beach cottages, sea shacks, campgrounds, massive dunes, wild horses, iconic lighthouses, fishing villages, shipwreck lore and laidback surf lodes all settle in to create a unique nautical culture extended across this shoreline treasure.

Hatteras Island is known for a superior swell on the beach side and premiere windsurfing and kite boarding on its bayside (the Pamlico Sound). “Great waves are generally a factor of swell, wind and bathymetry (the ocean floor) – the quicker the depth shallows, the better,” says Ross Byrd, longtime local wave rider and owner of Surf Hatteras. “For a lot of East Coast beaches, the broad continental shelf prevents a rapid depth-shift, hence less consistent surf. Hatteras Island, however, is closer to deep water because of its far easterly location on the shelf. This, plus all the wind we get out here, makes this a standout surf spot on the eastern seaboard.”

These legendary East Coast waters are also what have given the Outer Bank the nickname of the Graveyard of the Atlantic, as these waters have sunk thousands of ships since residents started taking records in 1526.

In addition to highlighting the surf of the Outer Banks, we also feature the region’s unusual dunes. Jockey’s Ridge, located in Nags Head, is the tallest natural sand dune in the eastern United States. The 30 million tons of shifting sand in the park can reach heights of 140 feet, making it an excellent spot for hang-gliding and sand-boarding.

The banks are still quite undeveloped, which is part of the charm. “It’s pretty simple out here, no shopping malls or high-rises, just consistent waves and plenty of time for surfing and family. That makes it special.”

We hope that when you escape to the OBX you’ll savor all of its uncommon beauty and culture – and when you’re not there, that this artwork will transport your thoughts to the sea.

The Outer Banks prints are available in Carolina Blue, Golden Sand and Sunset Orange, and available in our shop.


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