Re-ImaginingThe Third Space

The Third Space


pinewood_5How do we cultivate hospitality? What creates community? Where do we like to congregate? These are questions that encompass the “Third Space” – those social environments where we meet outside of the home and work; questions asked by the team behind Pinewood Social in Nashville as they re-imagined the ways we gather.

“We love the idea of creating a third space,” says Benjamin Goldberg, co-owner of Pinewood Social, The Catbird Seat, The Patterson House and others. “We’ve found ourselves using and working out of unique, non-traditional spaces. So we wanted to create a space that evolves throughout the day; a place with multiple components and where you might use it differently on different days.”

They started by evaluating the bigger picture and philosophy behind a restaurant and bar, and then throwing out one of the industry’s biggest concerns: the turnover rate. “The overarching theme is to convey hospitality,” says acclaimed Chef Josh Habiger, who has been instrumental in developing Pinewood Social. “We want you to come, be comfortable and stay as your day develops. You may arrive and sit in our living room area in the morning for coffee, read the newspaper, work from your laptop, move to the dining room to eat lunch, use a private room for an afternoon meeting, meet friends for drinks at the bar and then have dinner while you bowl.”

If those aren’t enough options to keep you there, it will soon be possible to also use their karaoke room, bocce ball courts, outdoor pool, cabana area and tiki bar. And apart from the fact that Pinewood Social will be one of the most distinct food and beverage spots in the country, the space should get no less attention than the quality of what they serve. With Josh Habiger (previously at The Catbird Seat) at the helm of the kitchen, Matt Tocco as beverage director (Rolf and Daughters, The Patterson House) and a partnership with Crema to handle the coffee, you’ll be able to experience everything from sweetbreads to burgers, single-pour coffee to craft cocktails.


“Our emphasis is still focused on the ingredients and technique, but in a setting that creates different types of social interaction within a space,” says Benjamin. “We want there to be a comfortable camaraderie here. Truly social, communal and interactive – a dynamic third space.”

Pinewood Social opens this week. Hours are 7 a.m. to 1 a.m., Monday to Friday and 9 a.m. to 1 a.m., Saturday and Sunday.



Photos by Matt Harrington

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