Snowden: No One In Control

No One In Control


As a boy growing up in Atlanta, Jordan Jeffares would lie on his bed and listen to music on his headphones for hours. “I don’t know, I was just one of those people,” says Jordan, the musician and songwriter known by his band/moniker Snowden. “It blew me away, and I wanted to figure out how I could do that.”

The 2006 debut album Anti-Anti put Snowden on the map with a collection of songs that combined a dark tone with an energetic rhythm. Snowden toured with Arcade Fire and Kings of Leon and made a live DVD at the Bowery Ballroom in New York.

Now, after a seven-year wait, Snowden is back with a follow-up album, No One In Control. But don’t expect more of the same. The songs on this album are tailored more for that lay-on-the-bed-with-your-headphones experience than blaring out while hitting the town.

“It is more moody,” Jordan says of the album. “It’s not nearly as dancey, not as upbeat, a lot more smarmy and pretty with a lot more down-tempo tracks. Instead of going for more heel-stomping stuff, I was going for stuff you listen to on your headphones.”

The song most similar to those on Anti-Anti is the new album’s debut single The Beat Comes, which includes the lines, “Long winter, you went south/There’s no way to go back now” – a statement that seems somewhat autobiographical for Jordan, who left Atlanta for Chicago and Brooklyn during the “long winter” between albums. “I was in the South by birth and that’s just where I happened to be,” he said. “I had to get away a lot to write, be more prolific.”

It was a struggle to make ends meet, though, and so Jordan has returned to the South – Austin. He’s settled for now, as he wants to make music and a living, but it all contributes to the maudlin tone he’s known for. “I feel like my music is very much inspired by movements of the city and at the same time, I never spent a lot of time there. I’ve chosen to find inspiration in things that are not where I am, so everything comes from a sense of longing.”

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