Parrott Canvas

Parrott Canvas


Known for its durability, canvas is one of the most rugged materials, ideal for use on boats, hiking gear and military equipment. Yet when applied not only for its sturdiness but also its versatile style, it can become something of an heirloom. Parrott Canvas Company in Greenville, NC, has set out to deliver that balance – making canvas bags that look good and are intended to last.

In 1982, the company was born, focusing on marine industry work for manufacturers and individual customers. Fine craftsmanship and high-quality materials are needed for this trade, and when Parrott Canvas’ focus shifted into canvas bags, that philosophy followed. “As the years have gone by, our business has evolved,” says Mickey Parrott, president and general manager.

They now specialize in custom, handmade canvas bags that exhibit classic designs made with high-quality and resilient materials. Since their grassroots started in the marine canvas trade with six employees, Parrott Canvas has evolved into a company known for its excellent American-made products, housing around 45 employees. Each piece of fabric, zipper, nylon thread and fastener was selected for its superiority – and every item is then carefully crafted within their Greenville facility.

Functionality combined with aesthetic appeal is evident in each item. Parrott Canvas’ Mechanic’s Bag was originally designed to hold tools, but also transitions into an overnight bag with eight gusseted outside pockets, double-layer canvas bottom and bridle-leather handles. The brass rivet reinforcements add a certain level of dignity to this classic bag.

The Carpenter’s Bag, intended to replicate a vintage American tool bag, exhibits a handsome vintage, wax-treated, cotton-duck bag, simply finished with copper rivet reinforcements. It’s an uncomplicated display of minimal craftsmanship at its best.

Parrott Canvas even offers canvas coolers, which they deem the “toughest, most durable cooler you’ll find.” Available in small, large and stadium sizes, the coolers blend a Cordura Nylon Fabric water-repellant shell, one-inch electronically sealed seams and urethane foam for ice cold beers at any time of day.

For men on the go, Parrott Canvas backpacks are a solid choice. The Uwharrie Day Pack is basic, featuring retro undertones. The Canvasware Day Pack, inspired by the rugged beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains, is perhaps the sturdiest pack around, with vintage cotton-duck and wool-felt shoulder pads.

Their canvas bags are also customizable, the ideal opportunity for the creative customer. Mickey explains, “We have full-service design, where a customer can come to us with his idea. They can send us their specifications; we’ll review it, see if it fits our capabilities and quote them.”

From their standard offerings to one-of-a-kind creations, Parrott Canvas Company provides bags to cherish. Tastefully classic designs, yet hardy enough for any environment, these Carolina-made bags should stand up to the test of your next excursion.

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