Video Debut: Enough Time

Video Debut:
Enough Time


“In an age of increasing distractions, we must choose less random thought bubbles of nothingness to gain more focused attention toward something meaningful. One of the greatest choices we can make in our fast-paced society is to stop and think – it’s a lost art form. Stop. Slow down. Pause. Breathe. Sit. These are all words we have forgotten how to do, but deeply desire.”

Atlanta author and founder of Plywood People, Jeff Shinabarger wants us to ask ourselves: How much is enough? In this short film debuting here today, we are invited to reevaluate the aspect of our time – one of eight primary themes in his upcoming book, More or Less (out March 1).

As he writes in the book and presents in the short film, our culture isn’t always the best guide for an accurate perspective of what we truly need to be fulfilled. Is it possible that when we simplify our lives we create the potential for more? Watch the video debut above.

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