Edisto River Refuge

Edisto River Refuge


You’re never too old for an adventure in a treehouse. At least not the versions on the 150-acre Edisto River Refuge, just outside of Charleston, South Carolina. Stewarded by Scott and Anne Kennedy, these treehouses are remote enough to feel like an out-of-the-way journey and packed with enough subtle comforts to make the escape feel a little indulgent.

At the Carolina Heritage Outfitters’ outpost (denoted by just latitude and longitude coordinates), you’ll be issued a canoe and set off into the lazy Edisto River. You’ll paddle downriver on a 13-mile stretch, as it’s the only way to reach your accommodations. The protected river is calm enough for canoe novices to navigate while carrying your sleeping bag, food and towels – the only provisions not included in the $125 per person nightly fee (Saturdays are $25 more). Along the cypress-lined banks, you’re likely to see great blue heron and egrets, turtles, otters, wild turkeys, alligators, deer, frogs and occasionally a bobcat.

Once you arrive at your treehouse, your four-hour self-guided journey will be rewarded with a few of the comforts of home – minus the Internet, TV and, if you’re lucky, cell service. Each of the three hardwood treehouses (made mostly of locally harvested wood) is equipped with a basic kitchen, an outdoor grill and a dining deck outfitted with torches. Each house can sleep up to six or eight guests, depending on which one you choose.

The Kennedys have hit the mark when it comes to combining a love for the outdoors and a relaxing getaway. These treehouses may help you feel like a kid again, but you can rest well knowing that you’re communing with nature with virtually no impact on the ecosystems of the river.

Call 843.563.5051 for reservations and visit www.canoesc.com for more information.

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