Old Try

Old Try


In the wake of the spring’s devastating storms and tornados that battered parts of the South, friends, neighbors, families and strangers found unity in supporting those who experienced loss. For some, that meant volunteering, for others it was simply a supportive phone call. The responses were varied, but we fostered a common bond in our sympathy for a certain place and its people.

For Micah and Marianna Whitson, a Southern couple living in Boston, they made their contribution in writing letters – letterpress to be exact. “It was really the tornados that wrecked both our home states of North Carolina and Alabama. We just felt a close connection to those who were suffering. And we saw a lot of artists start creating things to show their pride. So we thought, hey. We got some ideas, too,” Micah told us.

Early this summer Micah introduced himself to us and told us of his plans to launch Old Try, an expat print shop that would celebrate the heritage and history of the South. Using old machines with moveable type and wood blocks, they started making posters tied to four states. They are now up to seven and tell us that Texas and Kentucky prints are in the works. With iconic visuals and state-fitting phrases, the prints reflect the quality of the couple’s graphic design and advertising expertise.

Drawing inspiration from books, nostalgia and notable Southerners, “we just come up with ideas in a big notebook and if Marianna and I both agree on them, they go into the pile of things one day we will make. And at this point, we’ve come up with about 15 things.” You can order one of their vintage-looking prints on the Old Try website for $40 each.

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