The Spotted Trotter

The Spotted Trotter


There was a time when if you needed to buy meat you would just head down to your local butcher and see what he had freshly cut up. The man in the white apron knew your name, could tell you about the local farm where the meat was raised and make a recommendation for what you wanted to cook. The old fashioned butcher shop took a hit when more people started opting for mass-market convenience over quality and locally raised food, but The Spotter Trotter, a recent addition to the Kirkwood neighborhood, hopes to remind us what meat should really taste like.

For more than a year, charcutier Kevin Ouzts has been faithfully turning up at local farmer’s markets and supplying fine restaurants with his specially prepared meats. After building a loyal following, he now has a place to call his own, making it more convenient to pick up some of his Southern Stained Beef Jerky, Sorghum Cured Pork Belly, Sweet Hot Fennel Sausage and Asian Spiced Lamb Crepinettes.

We stopped by to sample some of the fresh items on hand and can attest to the difference you’ll notice in the quality. “The way that some meat is prepared today, it’s like it’s not even food. This is better for taste, for the environment, it supports local farms and is humanely prepared so it’s respectful of the animals,” Kevin told us.

Since selling you some bacon or a pork chop is only part of process to eating well, Kevin and his wife will also give you direction on the best ways to cook your purchases. And to take your knife skills one step further, the meat shop will soon offer classes on whole animal butchery and charcuterie techniques.

The Spotted Trotter is located at 1610 Hosea L. Williams Drive, Atlanta 30317.

Photo: Andrew Thomas Lee

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