Otis James Handmade Ties

Otis James Handmade Ties


otisjames_3Standing in his quaint backyard shed-turned-studio in Nashville, it’s clear that Otis James has a genuine devotion to products that are unique and made with a high standard of attention and quality. You wouldn’t expect anything less from a guy that spends 2 to 4 hours on each one of his handmade eponymous ties.

What started with a custom-made father’s day gift, led to side project for a wedding, and has become a genuine craft. But growth in his tie business has developed in harmony with his values. “I hate that customer service has become so disconnected from the maker and the artist. With what I’m doing, people are able to have more of a connection to the source. I think it’s important to know where something is made and who is making it.”

Each one of his ties is cut from high-quality natural fabrics – mostly wool and linen – and made from a six-fold pattern that often doesn’t require a liner, then stitched by hand. His personal touch extends even as far as hand painting each one of his hemp/cotton and linen labels.

“I think there is a growing standard of importance for original, durable items made in America and fully made by hand.”

His selection of ties (mostly 3 inches wide) are frequently updated on his website, but you can always email Otis directly to have him custom make a tie of your choice. Each handmade Otis James tie is $110.


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