J.W. Hulme Bags

J.W. Hulme Bags


When you’ve been in the business of making something for more than 100 years, you’ve earned the right to claim the words “heritage” and “vintage.” J.W. Hulme Co. has been producing high-quality canvas and leather travel gear so long that they were making tents for the army in the First World War.

The American-made brand’s latest collection, Sporting Originals, is inspired by one of their older lines initially created for an outdoor company. Constructed with waterproof canvas, full grain leather and matte nickel hardware, the bags have a unique classic style, yet are tough enough to last a lifetime. This luggage collection is available in two options: a “traveled” version that’s been washed to give it a worn look and the un-traveled selection that will allow your own adventures to break it in.

Like anything that’s truly crafted for quality, J.W. Hulme’s bags don’t come cheap, but an investment now is something your grandson will appreciate.

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